Exactly what does the MAUL-dulator do ?

To understand exactly what the Mauldulator does and does not do, one first must understand some basic AM CB radio principles.

All CB radios are designed and manufactured to perform and behave within a very tight tolerance set fourth by the FCC. This is why all CB radios will have a FCC type acceptance code somewhere on the radio.

This tolerance the FCC sets fourth was designed to allow the radio to preform within the allocated frequency range of 26.965 to 27.405 . In order to get 40 channels into this bandwidth, the FCC had to mandate that each frequency had to be no bigger in bandwidth than a total of 3KHz or 3000Hz. This narrow bandwidth keeps adjacent Channel bleed over to a manageable level.

Bandwidth is the amount of audio that can be passed thru a radio. Narrow bandwidth = thin, high, peaky. Wide bandwidth = big , bold, wide, FM broadcast type sound.

So the radio manufactures, using this FCC guideline must decide what part of the human voice they want to allow to pass thru the radio. Remember they are only allowed to pass 3000Hz. And when they design how a radio is going to perform, they will almost always aim for somewhere under the FCC mandated 3000Hz so when the radio is sent to the FCC for testing purposes, it will pass.

So lets say the radio manufactures aim for around 2700Hz of total bandwidth, they have to decide what part of the normal human voice they want to allow to pass thru the radio. Lets look at the instruction manual for the cobra 29 LTD. Under transmitter frequency response you will see 300Hz to 3000Hz. What this means is that the designers of this radio have chosen these frequencies to pass thru the radio, all others being cut off and not allowed thru the radio. 300 - 3000 = 2700Hz pretty simple. This is also the range of the human voice that contains all of the intelligibility.

This limitation of bandwidth or limitation of frequency response is what makes the radio " Sound " like it sounds. Thin, High, Peaky, not a very pleasing sound to the ear.

The normal male human voice is approximately 150Hz thru 4000Hz. Add audio processing to your voice via an EQ, Compressor, expander, limiter, and you JUMP up to 50Hz thru 6500Hz real quick. And as you hopefully can see from reading the above paragraphs, when you feed that processed audio into the radio, all of that sweet boldness and good quality now sounds crappy again, why? because the radio is cutting it all off.

You can process your audio all day long, EQ, compressor, limiter, gate, expander, ETC. whatever, if you try to pass it thru a stock radio that cuts it all off, you will still sound like a duck. Period.

Enter the Mauldulator !!!

The Mauldulated radio, in very basic terms, allows in excess of 50Hz thru 8000Hz of audio thru the radio.

Does the Mauldulator create how I sound ?

No, the Mauldulator is not a audio effects processor, it allows the sound YOU create thru your external audio processing gear to pass thru the radio and NOT be CUT OFF.

Will a Mauldulated radio Bleed over on to the next Chanel?

No, The audio processing that you choose to use shall incorporate the proper roll off to insure that the adjacent channel is protected. As for Harmonics, and general splatter , the Mauldulator gets set up with the use of an Oscilloscope to insure that the negative peaks never quite get to or exceed 100% negative, while the Positive peaks can go as high as you want.

Will you be able to hear some of the audio 1 Chanel above and 1 below? possibly. This is because if in the processing chain, the audio is not rolled off, the Mauldulator will pass the high frequencies, and they will if too high, infringe on the adjacent channel. However, that is up to the user, and the way the audio is processed.

What controls are on the Mauldulator?

There are 3 basic controls on the Mauldulator, Each one is completely, independently controllable. Carrier, Asymmetry and Final Audio. These controls work together, and all must be set to work properly, This is done with an oscilloscope. If you then change the carrier for example lower, then you must reduce the Final audio, and then to bring the peaks back, you turn up the Asymmetry.

What will I sound like if I do not run Audio processing?

On a perfect receiver with a wide IF, and no roll of on the highs or lows, you will sound EXACTLY like you sound in person. what goes in comes out, and due to the IF bandwidth and frequency response of most receivers, you will actually sound muffled. The use of audio processing " fixes " this.

Do I have to run a special Mic?

Yes, I recommend a sure SM-58 XLR mic. Most importantly, not a communications type mice like a D 104 or any other cb/ham mike. They cost about $90.00. We have tested many different microphones, ranging from 35 dollars to well over 1000 dollars and found the Sure SM-58 to absolutely work the best for our Mauldulator set up. Please stay away from 48V mic's they DO NOT WORK ANY BETTER THAN THE SURE SM-58 and are subject to RF interference.!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not like Motormouth's sound, will I sound like Motormouth on the air?

NO, The Mauldulator does not make Motormouth sound the way he sounds. His audio processing makes him sound that way, the Mauldulator merely allows what he chooses to sound like to pass thru the radio. If you choose to set up your audio processing the same way as Motormouth then YES you will sound like him, but with your voice.

What audio processing is recommended?

Any professional audio processing will work, remember that you can not get "Broadcast Quality Audio" using inexpensive rack gear. The only way to get LOUD and maintain good quality is with multi band processing. Just like you would run a 3 way crossover in a stereo speaker to break up the audio into 3 bands, we do the same with audio so that the individual bands can be optimized and then mixed back together and sent to the transmitter. This prevents overshoot that causes over modulation. We recommend ProTools digital audio interface. We can provide you with a session file and support if you choose this option. And have purchased a Mauldulator from us.

I have heard other Hi-Fi radios on the air, what is the difference in yours?

The Mauldulator was designed to fulfill all of the requirements of a broadcast quality transmitter. It passes DC to 30 Khz of audio, and is capable of being set up to NOT over modulate in the negative direction ( this is the BAD over modulation.) At the same time, it allows you to have extreme positive peaks without affecting the negative peaks in ANY way, shape or form . Literally, and figuratively. This envelope growth is responsible for the extra open and punchy audio. It however, requires a tremendous amount of headroom in any amplifiers used to achieve the power that the user decides to operate at. Any carrier with in range of the Mauldulators capability can be properly matched and proportioned with the correct amount of positive and negative peaks.

What is the difference between a Mauldulated radio and the other HI FI radio out on the CB and Ham bands?

Some people simply use their ears, and listen, and decide they like or dislike something. If they like what they hear, then that is the end of the line. However, that is NOT the end of the line. Not by a long shot. There is a reason that the FCC has gone to great lengths to regulate the radios we talk on. The biggest reason is in the interest of spectral purity, and the ability for the radios we use to NOT interfere with other services on other bands.

Due to most people not understanding the principals that must be understood to achieve spectral purity, and the wives tales and incorrect engineering practices that are implemented by so many " Techs" , the need for somebody to come in to the picture and control the use of the radios is needed.

The practices that are employed by many, have NO concern of spectral purity, and don't really do the things that are desired by person going to the " Tech" But the " Tech" will show on a Watt meter all the wonderful numbers, and let the customer leave thinking they got something for their money.

There are some cases where a radio may just be wide banded on the transmit side, and the operator is still able to maintain clean audio. These are okay, but won't give the absolute control and it is a bit trickier getting the proper combination to get to legal limit power 12 Watt PEP on AM CB or 1500 Watts PEP on the Ham bands.

The export radios that claim to be Ham radios often get a treatment called the NPC mod ( Negative Peak Clipping ) that makes the envelope look very close to the Mauldulator, but one will notice that the Negative peaks are anywhere from rounded, to actually square depending on the amount of audio applied. It is impossible to maintain any degree of sinusoidal waveform in the negative peaks. Even thought eh carrier is not getting pinched off, it is SQUARE. This in and of itself will cause splatter across the band and other bands and services. Just look at it on a spectrum analyzer and see for yourself... You will have to find a real "Tech " for that.

The manufacture did a lot of design work to insure that the radios would last a long time, and as we see, there are many radios that have seen the wrong shop too many times. The Mauldulator gets rid of the "Tech" and bypasses the very things that everyone tries to change in looking for that perfect radio. The Mauldulator is PERFECT.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for true performance, spend a couple dollars once, and never have to visit it again, and get all that you can possibly get. Have full and complete control over your station. Be your own engineer, and configure things as they should be configured. Both in the RF plant and the Audio plant.

It is your station. Be PROUD of it!

Hi-Fi AM